What Matters the Most on Dealing with People and Organization

Ever wonder how to be both efficient and effective with loyalty and humility approach?

The thing about being an executive is, no one cares about how many hours you spend at work and how many item you check off your to-do list. All that really matter are the way you execute, and the outcome of your action. At the end of the day, the ones who execute are executives. In this case, as an executive or a leader, the next thing you should do is controlling your time-management on how you spend it. In order to be efficient and effective in your time-management, remember the importance of the followings:

1. Set your goals

The first thing that an organization needs is having a goal or more. The measurement for your own success as an executive, and for your teams' performance as well as your business, only can be known whether or not you have achieved, or at least getting closer to your goals. To make sure that your team’s targets align with the firm’s goals, work with a minimum number of objectives that keep team members focused and productive.

2. Cliché, but communication is still the key

You always need to communicate with all team members verbally and in writing. Keep your communications brief and to the point. Let all team members know exactly what you expect. Delivering what you are thinking is the most important thing, you can't keep them in your head all the time. Last thing is, make sure between you and all team members have the same common ground.

3. Decision Maker

I will say this again, executives make the decisions and act as executors. In decision-making, there is no such thing as the right answer. The more you contemplate, the higher losses you get compared to having made a wrong decision. The most efficient way to build the ability to prioritize and execute is to prepare diligently. If you understand a task’s likely problems, you will be better positioned to prioritize solutions to those obstacles more rapidly when they occur.

4. Be a motivational leader

Executives must function as facilitators and motivational cheerleaders. Creating a positive environment contributes greatly for your team members. Promote profitable teamwork by treating employees as valuable assets, demonstrating leadership in every facet of your work, empowering staff members and democratizing authority on behalf of all the members of your team.

5. Maintain your teams’ growth by being accountable

There will be times where you and your organizations is rough around the edges. As executives, you will hold a responsibility and must stress the importance of the organization’s efforts to improve, nurture professional development and encourage all workers to take accountability for their actions. However, note that everything that happens in the organization, will be your fault for you are the executive. If subordinates fail, leaders must provide better training and instruction. And leaders must prioritize loyalty to those they lead. This way, your team members will gain a sense of loyalty from you, and you will get the same result from them by doing so.

It is very important for you to remember these five important keys in managing people and organization, but they will not be achievable unless you are keeping the balance between your physical and mental health. Being an executive in today’s high-pressure world requires long hours, high stress, serious thinking, social involvement, and good project and time management. Your efficiency and effectiveness in working should be applied in your resting time too. Eat well, exercise, rest periodically during the day and get plenty of sleep.

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