Mindset of An Agile Leaders

Creative, or self-authoring, mind-sets are an inside-out way of experiencing the world based on creating our reality through tapping into our authentic selves, our core passion and purpose.


Each Company has a leader that was taught to be someone people can rely on and an inspiration, but do they still live in the tradition ways of leading or make a change? Agile leaders are the individuals who are in charge of an organization that believes in change, and wants to throw away the work life they once knew to the modern life they know now by adapting to the current environment and the market changes in productive and profitable ways.

“The overall objective is to be sure that the right person with the right skills is on the right job, quickly and cost-effectively.”


As people who want to make changes in the world of business, they must have leadership traits that can make him/her reflect on the many great Agile leaders and these are the three leadership traits that any Agile Leaders should have. Firstly, every leader should have the Growth Mindset, this trait can make the individual believe that their intelligence is fixed and avoid making mistakes or anything that is related to education. Secondly, leaders must be Self-Awareness, this trait can guide the individual to have a better understanding of their strengths, weaknesses and last but not least their emotional state, which then the leader would bring all those emotions and realized if they can lead a team either as an inspiration or discourage them. Lastly, agile leaders are open to feedback, whether positive or negative, because they are open to suggestions.

“Technology is changing with breathtaking speed, affecting both the workforce itself, as well as the process of career management.”


Every individual who are interested in becoming an Agile leader must have an understanding how they do their jobs and these are some of the practices that they should know. Firstly, they should have more understanding in critical thinking skills, it is to guide them with thinking about the risks in a different perspective so that they can make process wherever there is customer opportunity. Secondly, they should have a better understanding on how to remove the barriers for the project team as the managers of the company. Lastly, the leaders should have a development in their intellectual property and how to commercialize it faster

“Four generations of employees might well be sitting side-by-side with different needs and desires as to their careers, [so] flexibility in how these employees are developed is mandatory.”


In conclusion, this article is about how an Agile leader’s mind work and the type of practices that the individual needs if they have troubles along the way. The reason why I believed this article is important to the readers is because it gives them a clearer understanding about Agile Leaders traits and why they are about change.

Bopp, M. A., Bing, D. A., & Forte-Trammell, S. (2010). Agile career development: lessons and approaches from Ibm. Upper Saddle River, NJ: IBM Press/Pearson.

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