How To Coach Agile Team

Agile should also not be used if an active client/stakeholder cannot be involved or has no willingness to adopt an incremental delivery strategy.


An Agile Team is a small group of people, whose tasks is to share the same project or effort and are dedicated to produce a functioning product. They are expected to have a necessary competency, whether technical or business.

“Those who are able to continue processing new information while staying creative under stress will tell you that their skill didn’t develop by chance.”


Having a diligent team is vital because it builds the excitement of an adventure with the people, who you respect and trust, and these are the three key point that can help prove whether the team is made for greatness. Firstly, always be patient when making a team because in order for them to do their best as an Agile Team, you must understand how each worker works together and find a system that really flows. Secondly, always focus on the results rather than the processes because it makes the members of the team feel more empowered to make their own choices and develop their solutions using whatever skills they have. Lastly, the must always listens to the feedback given to you by the customers even if they either positive feedbacks or negative feedbacks, because they could be benefitable into improvising the product and also improve their team efforts by learning where did they go wrong.

“Your individual, team and organizational success depend upon your ability to make the shift from fight, freeze or flight to a mind-set in which you can be effective and agile.”


Every Agile team must learn how to do their best working as a team and achieving success and here are three ways you can train them. Firstly, all members must have a better understanding of their roles and what the company is expecting from them. Secondly, the Agile Team must be able to create a product backlog and make a plan for all of the team’s overall project. Lastly, the team must be able to develop a very detailed plan for their first sprint and how to close that first sprint with a sprint review.

“Agile individuals and entities are able to be effective because they do not lose precious time and momentum in the morass of complex decision-making processes or leadership voids.”


In conclusion, coaching an Agile Team means that they teach the team not only the concepts and techniques, but also how to create a team alignment, improves productivity and how to make plans for the products they are making.

SOURCE: Byham, W. C., Smith, A. B., & Paese, M. J. (2002). Grow your own leaders: how to identify, develop, and retain leadership talent. Upper Saddle River, NJ: Prentice Hall PTR.

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