How To Coach Agile Leaders

True Agile Leaders are inclusive, democratic leaders who exhibit a greater openness to ideas and innovations.


Agile leaders are the people who believes in change, they have the passion to learn and develop others by being their inspiration and to make sure that their goals will be achieve, and become the change within the organization

"For change efforts to succeed, an organization's top leader must create an image of the future that is not only challenging and compelling but also sufficiently detailed to allow everyone to understand the role they must play to achieve it."


Coaching future Agile Leaders should a challenge because it teaches the participant to be creative and find a different angle to the training, and these are the three lesson that the coaches would give the participants would have to take. Firstly, they must learn to be honest in the world of business because it shows that they have the courage to face his/her problem and how they believed it should be handled, in addition to that, they must be able to give them feedback that no one else would. Secondly, they must have a better understanding of how culture and values the influence the company’s skill to obtain the agility benefits. Lastly, they must have the practical skills to guide the agile teams and to also help them remove impediment.

“What is true, and what becomes evident to process stakeholders, are the rich opportunities for alignment and integration of Acceleration Pools with other key systems affecting organizational effectiveness.”


In conclusion, the role of an Agile Leader is crucial because they have they have the quick mindset to make their choices and actions and to coach them to be an Agile is to not only expect change but rather they must consider how the manager team intends to operate.

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