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Getting Further With Digital Transformation

Digital transformation can be defined as apply the culture, practices, processes and technologies of digital era and tries to respond towards consumers’ expectations. Digital Transformation is a must and cannot be avoided. In the VUCA era where any businesses got disrupt, digital transformation brings a fresh new air. In this article we are going to discusses agility aspect of Digital Transformation era where building Velocity, drive Focus, and enable Flexibility is the key to be Agile.

Building Velocity

The ability to move from one state to another state is now the advantage of business in digital transformation era. In order to move company needs to build velocity, the first is by encouraging continuous innovation where employees are given space and time to innovate on regular basis to the point by granting them research fund, second is allowing emergence and start small, deploy, test, learn, develop and understands that complex problem needs emergent solutions, third is to stop waterfall development because the linearity and inflexibility will not work in the rapid change environment, the fourth would be embracing failure is a must, fifth is to encourage growth mindsets because only a growth mindset would have genuinely understands failure as an opportunity, sixth is to use Agile methods that focuses on learning, quality transparency, constantly sharing results, sprinting, and to have daily stand up meets, understand that agile enables company to adapt in rapid changes environment, the last would be.

Drive Focus

Where you had built the momentum, a company needs to focus it into distinct direction. The first thing that a company can do is to document and communicate focus meaning mission, vision, purpose, values, and measures to have clarity, second is a company needs to think long term to have view about the future, third is to build strategy that has through customer behavioral trends and make sure that the strategy could evolve through times, the fourth is be stubborn on vision and flexible on details, the fifth is be a customer centric company, sixth is to use data to make decisions, the last is use technology to enables opportunity.

Enable Flexibility

In digital transformation era a company needs to be flexible where adaptability is the key so the company could modified respond in dynamic circumstances. The first is to organize around continual experimentation and opportunity, the second is to combine vertical expertise with small, multi-disciplinary teams to encourage concurrent project, the third is to change the job design to encourage self-learning, flexible role, and skill based approach, the fourth is to build small team that based on skills, the fifth is to ensure the autonomy is enabled, the sixth is to hire digital native talent that understand the nature of modern work, and the last would be to enable psychological safety that creates comfort to the team.


The three domains of digital transformation are the key to understand how digital transformation should be built upon so businesses would be aware on digital environment changes. Building velocity is must with having clear direction that a company could focus on while enabling flexibility in order to embrace failures and learn from them.

Neil Perkin & Peter Abraham (2017). The Agile Business Through Digital Transformation. Kogan Page (2017)

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