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PhD candidate and result-oriented Director with 25 years experience with involvement in all levels of Business Strategy, Sales and Marketing, Managing Project and Product Development. Aside of managing a company, he is also the best corporate trainer and public speaker in seminar and conference.

Five Keys to Sustain Focus in Your Organization

Sustain focus in organization while transforming business in digital era is very crucial to enable an adaptive strategy with clear vision and goals; thus, the execution can be done faster and organization will has the ability to maneuver easily in digital transformation era. There are five keys that are important for organization to sustain focus as follows:

Be Stubborn on Vision but Flexible on Details

Have a unified and accepted vision is shall be done by organization. However, organization should also be flexible while implementing the vision means that organization plans should driven by fluid and adaptive strategies.

Communicate the Goal and Purpose

Organization components such as mission, vision, purpose, and values should be the focus on organization. Those have to be communicated with clarity on the entire organization until they are successfully executed.

Focus on Your Customer

A consumer centered means that organization hearing the input from its customer for further provide and fulfil what customer needs rather than what organization wants, this also surely help organization to sustain focus in business.

Data Driven Decision Making

Data is said to be the new oil that shall be processed to provide benefits. Organization could analyze and predict the future of business by using data, and therefore create the focus needed by organization to thrive in the disruptive era.

Technology as an Enabler

The development of new and sophisticated technology causes a disruptive environment for every organization. It is crucial for organization to utilize technology as an enabler to sustain focus and help organization in facing the disruptive era.


Sustain focus in organization is needed in order to successfully win the digital transformation era. Organization that has no clear focus in its business will means nothing, resulting in stunted organizational growth.

Neil Perkin & Peter Abraham (2017). The Agile Business Through Digital Transformation. Kogan Page (2017)

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