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PhD candidate and result-oriented Director with 25 years experience with involvement in all levels of Business Strategy, Sales and Marketing, Managing Project and Product Development. Aside of managing a company, he is also the best corporate trainer and public speaker in seminar and conference.

Five Key Aspect of Digital Transformation Journey

Before starting the digital transformation journey, company shall understand the five key aspects of the transformation process; thus, the transformation could be delivered successfully.


For a transformation leader, having great personality could led to a successful and positive change in the company. Several personalities that needs to possessed by a transformation leader are work towards a shared vision, use empathy to help others and gain alignment on the problems to solve, make others look good by letting others see their achievement, use advocacy to create a network of champions from the early advocates of the change, and handle negativity appropriately.


In dealing with a transformation or change, company should set out a framework for its business principles. There are several elements needed to create a principles framework: First, the organizing idea which drives the company at its most elemental level. Next, purpose for which company exists. Then, vision as the long-term view of how the world built and contributed by the company. After that, values that the company believes in, experience principles and behaviours, operating model, and tangible benefits for the end user.


Successful transformation requires company to implement three things in its process: First, company should create the situation/story that redefines why the world has changed and why a business must transform. Second, company should energize and communicate change repeatedly through actions, behaviour, and storytelling. Last but not least, flex and flow where company expands the small team into other functions, create many advocates, embed experimentation into resourcing, and never stop.


Change every day behaviour becomes the core of transformation. Company could set out its business goals/purposes yet finding ways to change for creating a new system is much better. For changing everyday behaviour, a company will need to own a sufficient trigger/cue to start the new behaviour, create a motivation that ignites the spirit to change, unlock the ability to perform the new behaviour, and repeat new behaviours based on cues and rewards.


Elements of transformation move at different pace and it is obvious for company to be aware of this in a change. Customers element has the possibility of rapid and frequent change, processes element is slower to change than customer interaction, resources element has moderate change pace, strategy element should not change frequently; consider change pace is appropriate, and lastly, the change in vision element should be infrequently.


In conclusion, there are five elements of digital transformation journey called Personal, Principles, Process, Practice, and Pace (5P). If company has these five elements, it could help company to delivered digital transformation successfully.

REFERENCE: Perkin, N., & Abraham, P. (2017). Building the agile business through digital transformation. Kogan Page Publishers.

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