Engaging The Ever-evolving Human Capital

No matter how much we have evolved, our common senses are still the same as ever.

The thing about working is, it has a pattern where there will be moments where the gap between your life and your job is narrowed, to the extent it can become one, and this applies to everyone no matter from what generation they are. To avoid this from happening, the important thing is to create a working environment to make you and your employees have a conscience that life is not all about work, and it can be enjoyable.


So that your employees can work with ease and motivated, you need to align your company’s goals with you and your employees’ values. By doing that, it will create a big impact in their performance. For example, by having values such as “loyalty, integrity, passion, fun and comfortable”, it will build a strong relationship among you and all the staffs, even the customer. On top of that, it can be used as measurement whether or not your company honor your own values or not.


Always think for the long run. The downfall of a company is when they fail to keep their authenticity. There will never be a place for those who reach the top of the mountain by taking shortcuts. It is more important to maintain what you currently have, the healthy and supportive environment play big time in your company’s growth. Walk together with your employees on your own pace. There is no need for a sudden spurt in the middle of the journey, only to be exhausted and out of the race.

Connect, Disconnect and Reconnect

In honoring the human relationships, technology allows us to make use of it as a helper, or the complete opposite, a disturbance.

To connect with your employees and customers, make use of the technology properly. As mobile technology expands, along with your employees’ and customers’ attachment to phones and tablets, the gaps with your employees and customers has been removed and it allows you to engage more in customer experience satisfaction.

While it can be a working necessity and a huge advantage, it has its own drawback. If the frequency in using devices is too high in your daily life, it affects greatly in your performance, conditions, and your relationship with your employees. When this happens to you or your employees, it is time to disconnect. Take time-off occasionally to regain the work-life balance. Everything that is too much never fails to deliver bad intakes.


Appreciation has always been the number one boost to one’s performance. Get used to thanking others and make it as part of your company’s culture. Recognition for doing a good job allows your employees to work in a lighter mood and is a good way to build stronger relationships.

Having five different generations working in the same place seems to be tricky, but we all have certain characteristics that are identical when it comes to work. We seek values in what we do, and we want it to last long. In the midst of it, we need to be connected with each other and be appreciated for what we do. At some point, we are conscious of these key points, but often forget because of the inexistence gap of life and work that is caused by the unhealthy working environment.

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