Coach Agile Leaders

Business coaching can build a strong foundation for a new business and take an established business in exciting and innovative directions.


A business coach is an entrepreneur who decides to use his expertness for building a venture to help others reach their goals and turn it into a success. For Agile leaders, the best way to teach them how to be agile is by understanding the agile manifesto and scrum.

“The overall objective is to be sure that the right person with the right skills is on the right job, quickly and cost-effectively.”


Coaches guide the workers when they are having difficulty and this is some of the skills that are necessary for the workers to become more effective and supportive with others. The benefits to having Scrum are that they guide the workers to be able to develop themselves and to have more self- sufficiency. Secondly, they move from their idea to the delivery more quickly. Lastly, they are able to get even more higher satisfaction from the customers.

““The real difference between success and failure of a corporation can very often be traced to the question of how well the organization brings out the great energies and talents of its people.”(Thomas J. Watson Jr.)


An agile manifesto is a principle that would help them in the field of software development and help spread their ideas beyond the industry. These are some of the key points to understand about Agile Manifesto. Firstly, they respond to the changes they made instead of following the plan they have made originally. Secondly, the manifesto can get customer collaboration over contract negotiation. Lastly, the agile leaders would always pick the individuals and interactions over processes and tools because they believed that people and communication is the most important principal to have.

“Technology is changing with breathtaking speed, affecting both the workforce itself, as well as the process of career management.”


In conclusion, to coach the future agile leader, one must be able to understand that they need to develop themselves by being able to be creative about the products they make. In addition they must have the knowledge about the manifestos because it holds the principals about the change in leadership and to not use the old ways.

REFERENCE: Bopp, M. A., Bing, D. A., & Forte-Trammell, S. (2010). Agile career development: lessons and approaches from Ibm. Upper Saddle River, NJ: IBM Press/Pearson.

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