Change with Agile Business

Agile development is often initiated as a pilot project with a small team, to test out new methodologies and tools aimed at bringing new products and services to market faster.


Agile business is a business that wants to make a change and are best suited to innovation—that is, the profitable application of creating creative ideas to improve products and services, processes, or business models. They are small and multidisciplinary. In addition to that they place more value on adapting to change than on sticking to a plan, and they hold themselves accountable for outcomes

“Market-creating value propositions involve a shift in thinking from the known to the unknown.”


Agile leaders are the future because they are trying new approaches to lead their people and these are these are the key points how agile leaders can be the leaders for the next generation. Firstly, their center of attention would always be his/her workers because he/she thrives to create the best environment for his/her team and listens to their views of the situation, this leads to the workers to have strong bond with their leader and other stakeholders. Secondly, Agile leaders are the risk takers if it involves a change, even if the risks can make them lose a lot, they believe that every leader should can see that the world is changing around them and they too should adapt themselves to the changing world. Lastly, Agile Leaders are known for speed for success to solving conflicts and making their products so that the workers understands the leader’s motives and become more creative to achieve their objective.

“The living customer with mercurial thoughts and feelings is now the center of the commercial universe.”


Most companies would do their best to be agile, but how can they do that without understanding the principals? These are some of the most important principals that every company should know. Firstly, we must adapt the strategy and the tactics that you use because it keeps the company updated to an accurate and effective understanding of customers needs. Secondly, the company must be able to motivate the team to be motivative, self- starting and to be open to criticism. Lastly, the company must support the oportunity for the employees to learn to grow and develop professionally.

“There is no longer a choice to be made between disciplined execution and innovation through teams. The new way of operating enables the firm to do both at the same time.”


In conclusion, an agile business is beneficial because it holds the vaules of change and the value of the project development process and promotes communication both horizontally and vertically throughout the organization.

Source : Denning, S. (2018). The age of agile: how smart companies are transforming the way work gets done. New York: AMACOM.

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