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Being Agile By Using Connected Leadership

In this disruptive era, being agile is one of the most important aspect in business world. Nowadays, leaders tend to want to interact with their employees and customers or clients to exercise influential leadership. There are several ways to properly use connected leadership.

Defined Principles

Leaders should be able to give a clear explanation about the company’s purpose. Purpose besides money would help motivate the employees. A decent enough purpose would give the employees more motivation as they believe their work have more meaning, not only for the sole purpose of making money. By explaining why they do what they do would indicate that the company has clear values and principles to hold on and that would boost the productivity as the employees believe that they are doing the right thing.


Leaders should demonstrate how things should work in the company. Ethics is one of the things that are not commonly exist in written rules and regulations, but would definitely help the whole work process in and out of the company. Once the employees know these things, the trust between management and employees can be built properly. It is important to note that leaders should promote their values and also lead by example.

Sharing Authority

Leaders should have the ability to trust the lower staff members to be decision makers. Hesitation is a part of the process that leaders need to overcome. However, this is not a short process where leaders just give authority to others without proper training or information. Leaders need to teach, coach, and guide their employees so that when the time comes for them to make the decision for the company, they would be able to act accordingly. Giving them time to practice with certain degree of flexibility is important to give the time and space for employees to grow under your guidance

Common Goal

Collaborative work have to be encouraged to achieve the common goal. A team with the same objective(s) will be more productive in their effort. There are several ways to encourage collaboration in the workplace. First, you need to find and maintain the right atmosphere where everyone contributes their fair share. Second, you should be able to form a strong team and maintain the members’ focus on the objectives. Last but not least, you need to give a clear explanation of the team objective(s) to maintain the path that brings the team closer towards the objective(s).

Being Sharp

The ability to learn from experience would help leaders to lead the company towards the objective(s). It helps your company to be able to adapt to the current trends. This will also encourage employees to learn from each other. In addition, it also means the company is flexible enough to strive for success in the era of disruption.


In conclusion, to be effective, leaders need to have a good understanding of their surrounding so that they can deal with each problems accordingly. Defined principles, ethics, shared authority, common goal, and being sharp are some of the things that leaders can use in order to practice connected leadership.

Hayward, S. (2016). Connected leadership. FT Press.

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