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Agile and Scrum: What's Popping?

Get Started with Agile and Scrum

In the era of digital transformation, many companies have been transformed from using a hierarchical approach to flat approach to create collaboration among teams as knowledge work becomes important.

The need to distribute responsibilities and initiatives in supporting adaptation towards change is a common area for "agile" approach in projects. Agile defined as a brilliant alternative to traditional project management, while scrum is a sub-set of Agile. According to Scrum Guide, Scrum itself is not a process, technique, nor definitive method, but a framework that has been used since early 1990s to manage work on complex products.

What Agile Can Do to Your Company?

In fact, Agile has proven to give countless benefits for both start-up and established companies that have adopted Agile to their business. Those benefits are Agile can give them ability to manage changing work priorities and through collaborative work, project visibility could be seen clearly. Agile also could align Business/IT. Next is Agile could help companies increase their speed/time to market while reducing risk along the way. Last but not least, Agile practices can be used to improve team morale as well as start enhance productivity to the team.

Does your company need Scrum?

As the sub-set of Agile, Scrum has used for decades to manage and develop products. Scrum also proven to give several benefits for company, such as enhance customer satisfaction since the team can prioritize the issues and address it; thus, they could offer greater value to their customers. Scrum increases return on investment and in line with Agile, Scrum decreases time to market. Next is Scum creates higher team morale and increase collaboration and ownership.

Agile Methods and Practices You Should Know

Scrum and other related variants of the most common Agile methodologies continue to be used by companies. Among these methods, there are top five agile methods and practices you should know namely Scrum, ScrumBan, Other/Hybrid/Multiple Methodologies, Scrum/XP Hybrid Fifth, and Kanban.


In conclusion, adopting Agile needs to be done by companies since it could provide benefits for business. Also, people who run businesses need to deepen their knowledge regarding Agile methods and practices that will be applied in the business process.

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