5 Key Importance of Communication in Workplace
Agus Setiawan

PhD candidate and result-oriented Director with 25 years experience with involvement in all levels of Business Strategy, Sales and Marketing, Managing Project and Product Development. Aside of managing a company, he is also the best corporate trainer and public speaker in seminar and conference.

7 Key Characteristics of Effective Communication

Effective communication is a part of any successful organization. A communication should be free from barriers in order to be called effective. It is a two-way process where the message sent by the sender should be interpreted in the same terms by the recipient. There are several characteristics of effective communication described as follows:

Have a Clarity of Purpose

In effective communication, the message that wants to be delivered shall be clear in the mind of sender. The person to whom it is targeted and the aim of the message should be clear in the mind of the sender.

Ensure the Completeness

In such effective communication, the message delivered should not be incomplete. It should be supported by facts and observations and it should be well planned and organized. No assumptions should be made by the receiver.

You Should Be Conciseness

In this context, the message shall be concise. It should not include any unnecessary details and should be short and complete.

Give Appropriate Feedback

The message sent by the sender is understood in same terms by the receiver or not can be judged by the feedback received. The feedback should be timely and in personal. It should be specific rather than general.

Increase Your Empathy

Empathy with the listeners is essential especially for effective verbal communication. The speaker should step into the shoes of the listener and be sensitive to their needs and emotions. This way he can understand things from their perspective and make communication more effective.

Modify Your Message According to the Audience

The information requirement for people in the organization differs according to their needs. For examples, what is relevant to the middle level management might not be relevant to the top level of management. Therefore, the message should be modified according to the needs and requirements of the targeted audience.

Multiple Channels of Communication

For effective communication, multiple channels should be used to increase the chances of message clarity. The message should be reinforced by using different channels while ensuring there are less chances of deformation of message.


To summarize, by knowing and understand the key characteristic of effective communication in the workplace, it can be beneficial for employees to enhance their productivity and efficiency which could lead to the organization’s success.

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