5 Important Phases of DMAIC Method
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5 Important Phases of DMAIC Method

DMAIC is a quality improvement and problem-solving method used to improve business performance. During the DMAIC process, improvement happens through project by project; a "project" is best defined as a "problem scheduled for a solution." This means management has decided it is important enough to schedule the resources required to get the problem solved.

The Phases of DMAIC

DMAIC is basically stands for Define, Measure, Analyze, Improve, and Control that also describes its five phases as follows:


In this first phase, the project team starts to define the problem that have been given by team leader, as well as asking questions to both internal and external customers to affirm that the issues are really exsist.


During this phase, the project team assesses the current baseline performance of the problem, collects and interprets the available data on current performance. This often leads to a problem redefining process that focuses on the most pressing or 'vital few issues.'


In Analyze phase, the project team collects and uses data to prove theories of root cause or to prove the causes of the problem. By finding a conclusion in this phase, the team will have narrowed down their multiple theories to a vital potential few root causes to test and prove whether it is true or false.


This phase is performed when the project team begins the remedial journey and begin to act on what they have learned by making improvements.


This is the last phase of DMAIC method where the project team ensures that impovements created on previous phase are held, as well as ensures the problem does not recur.


In conclusion, by knowing and understanding the phases of DMAIC method, we can solve problems in better way, both in team or organization, in which can lead to the team’s or organization’s success.

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