5 Ways to Motivate Employee through Communication
Agus Setiawan

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4 Key Types of Motivation in Workplace

The term motivation is derived from Latin word movere, meaning “to move.” Motivation can be broadly defined as the forces acting. It refers to the process of stimulating or inspiring someone to act upon something. Motivation lies at the heart of management and different motivation types in organizational behavior drive workplace success. Therefore, these are several key types of motivation in workplace described as follows.

Competence Motivation

Do not count on them to come to you if they have concerns or need explanations. Otherwise, ask your employees if you can help them with anything. After that, check their understanding after conveying messages or instructions.

Show interest in concerns

Competence motivation refers to the need of someone to feel competent or capable. They are motivated to seek new opportunities which will help them learn and develop new skills and knowledge. For example, someone in your team does not know how to operate a particular software. You can invest to some sort of training and knowledge-building through upskilling courses.

Achievement Motivation

This motivation type refers to the process of rewarding people for meeting their targets or goals. Many people feel motivated only when they earn recognition as it gives them the satisfaction of achieving something. Achievement motivation plays an important role in making employees more goal oriented.

Incentive Motivation

The incentive motivation, as its name uses positive reinforcement to encourage someone. Every employee is expected to work towards a certain objective to receive a particular reward. One of the most powerful methods of motivation, it often prompts people to exceed expectations.

Affiliation Motivation

Affiliation motivation refers to the desire to belong to a group or a circle in an organization. People often perform better when they build strong interpersonal connections. Positive workplace culture is a powerful motivator. When there are positive interaction and mutual support, employees thrive.


To sum up, by knowing types of motivation above, it could be beneficial especially for leaders to keep their good and positive workplace environment and ensure that every employee is well-motivated, in which can help the organization to be more productive and get success in the future.

Sirota, D., Mischkind, L. & Meltzer, M. (2005). The enthusiastic employee: How companies profit by giving workers what they want. Wharton School Publishing.

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