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Agus Setiawan

PhD candidate and result-oriented Director with 25 years experience with involvement in all levels of Business Strategy, Sales and Marketing, Managing Project and Product Development. Aside of managing a company, he is also the best corporate trainer and public speaker in seminar and conference.

3 Key Benefits of Social Intelligence in Workplace

Social Intelligence is the ability to be aware of others' emotions. In workplace, social intelligence refers to the ability to adapt behaviors while being in a new situation and the ability to connect to new mates that is important for every employee, or job seeker. Employees with high social intelligence would be a highly empathic individuals who can more easily understand what other people think and its intentions.

Benefits of Social Intelligence

Social intelligence will surely provide benefits in the workplace and here are several benefits of social intelligence for employees or workers which are divided into: more effective communication, stronger leadership, improved problem solving.

More Effective Communication

Firstly, with social intelligence, employees will be able to communicate more effectively with each other including clients or customers. It will equip them with the skills that could help them express themselves more clearly as well as listen and tackle difficult conversations.

Stronger Leadership

Secondly, by using social intelligence, employees will be able to delegate, provide feedback, accept feedback, take responsibility, and motivate themselves and others in a better way that aims to reach their targets.

Improve Problem Solving

Thirdly, with social intelligence, employees will be able to be proactive in recognizing problems and potential barriers to projects, tasks, or goals. Therefore, they could identify and implement solutions or offer alternative fixes.


To sum up, in this dynamic business environment, social intelligence is meant to be important because it help us to build relationship with others and therefore become a more advanced and successful employee.

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